Make A Nomination

How do I nominate something for commemoration?

  1. 1. Read the Program guidelines.
  2. 2. Complete this nomination form.
  3. 3. Submit your nomination. There is no specific nomination deadline. They are accepted anytime.

What happens after I send in my nomination?

The program administrator will acknowledge receipt by mail or email and will review it for completeness and conformity to the program eligibility criteria. If all requirements are met the submission will be forwarded to the Provincial Historic Commemorations Committee (PHCC) for consideration. Additional information may be sought from the nominator if requirements are not met.

The PHCC evaluates the nomination according to the evaluation criteria for each category and compiles a preliminary list of candidates for designation. Research papers are then commissioned to assist the PHCC in its review. This may take some time depending on resources.

On average, 2-5 commemorations are designated each year. The application and designation process takes about 12-18 months.

Successful nominations are commemorated through a ceremony and online multi-media.

Frequently Asked Questions