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How do I nominate something for commemoration?

Complete a nomination form and mail or email it to the program administrator.

When can I send in my nomination?
You can send in a nomination anytime.

Can I email my nomination?

How detailed does a nomination have to be?

The key is to address each heading on the nomination form, and especially to address how your nomination meets the criteria for the category you’ve selected. As long as the nomination meets the criteria, the Board will review it. Citations of research are fine; you don’t need to send a copy of every article listed. If the Board thinks that the nomination has promise, they will commission further research to support it.

When will I hear if my nomination was successful?
Often the Board will commission a research paper to support a nomination that they feel has promise. They may not make the final recommendation about a nomination until they have had the chance to review this research. The overall process from nomination to public announcement of a commemoration can take 12-18 months.

I’m just a regular person – not an organization or town. Can I nominate something?
Yes, nominations from the general public are welcomed. It’s a good idea, however, to have suitable support letters if your nomination impacts a municipality, organization, etc.

Can I nominate something that already has a plaque from the federal government?
Yes, you can nominate something that already has a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque, but we’d like to encourage the nomination of aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador’s heritage and culture that have not yet been recognized.

Can I nominate someone who is still alive?
Someone nominated under the “person” category must be deceased for at least 10 years. However, living people can be nominated if they qualify under the “tradition bearer” category.

My community has what I think is a significant historical person/place/event/tradition/tradition bearer. Can I nominate them?

Yes, but read the criteria carefully for each category. Generally a nominated subject is deemed to be provincially significant only if it can be proven to be singularly outstanding and/or exceptional, AND it has historic/cultural importance to the province as a whole AND it is an outstanding example of an enduring theme, pattern, or tradition in the province’s history and heritage. Claims to historic significance must be supported by references such as academic articles, oral histories, etc. Before making a nomination, it’s a good idea to contact the program administrator for guidance.

I want to nominate a district/cultural landscape as a “place” of provincial significance. Do I need to get consent forms from every property owner in the area?
No, property owner consent forms are only required for nominations of structures or groups of specific buildings. For more information, see the criteria for places.

I want to nominate an architecturally distinct heritage building. Will it qualify as a place of provincial significance under this program?
Probably not. Historic structures and districts that would normally be considered for designation by Heritage NL will not be considered under the Provincial Historic Commemorations Program. Check the criteria for “places” of significance and also the guidelines for Heritage NL to see which program makes the best fit.

I know about an archaeology site/building/district that is in bad shape. Will a commemoration under this program help to protect it?
No, a commemoration may help to raise awareness about a site, but it does not afford any more protection than exists under current law. For more information about protection see the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Historic Resources Act. Under this act, people are not allowed to damage provincial historic sites, significant paleontology (archaeology) sites, and registered provincial cultural resources.

Will I get a plaque if my nomination is successful?
No, the program does not issue plaques. Each designation has a listing on this website.

Will my museum/building/archaeology site become a provincial historic site if my nomination is successful?
No, it will become a “place” of provincial significance, but not a provincial historic site. No annual/operational/staffing funding accompanies a commemoration.